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The following is the terms of the Soccer-Invests subscription service for subscribers. All subscribers must comply with the following terms and conditions. Soccer-Invests will be necessary to update the terms of the content. If the subscriber does not agree to abide by the subscription terms, please do not subscribe to the registration. All fees paid will not be refunded. Subscribers responsibility Subscription service is a subscription service to browse Soccer-Invests Football Tips. Soccer-Invests through the Internet or other electronic tools will subscribe to the service delivery to subscribers. Subscriber telephone line to receive subscription services should ensure the normal operation of computer hardware and other devices. The subscription service payment subscribers use only the right to use can not be transferred to others. To maintain the normal subscription service, the subscriber must (i) the timely payment of subscription fees; (ii) subscription to provide correct and complete information about yourself; and (iii) if necessary, update your personal information. If the information provided is incorrect, Soccer-Invests the right to terminate the services provided to subscribers.

Soccer-Invests Subscribe to the terms of the right to modify, including increasing the subscription fee. Such modify, add or delete the terms of the project at the Soccer-Invests or other communication published with immediate effect. Subscribers continue to use the Soccer-Invests service on behalf of the subscriber to accept the amendment. Change the subscription service. Soccer-Invests the right to immediately terminate any of subscribers provided by subscription services prior without written notice. The subscriber may not change or terminate the subscription service. Personal Data Collection and Use Where the registration of the Soccer-Invests site service is required to voluntarily provide personal information, personal information may include, but are not limited to, the following information: user name, email address, transaction records, and other relevant information, Soccer-Invests in accordance with this private hidden protection of the Right policy to invite you to provide personal information, unless it is licensed or France Legally required, or the Soccer-Invests not use your personal information without your prior consent. This Privacy Policy Statement, you have the right to pursue the use of your personal information, require a copy of your personal information and change any inaccurate information. Requests for access and change personal information, Please e-mail written notice to the .Disclaimer exemption clause. Shall not be transferable subscription service members for openness in disclosing site information in order to protect the interests of the majority of the Member, if found, after site verification is true, this site has the right to immediately suspend the promotion of this member's and non-refundable paid dues and reserves the right to legal action does not issue any warning.Soccer-Invests, without permission, the subscriber shall not resell the subscription services or commercial purposes. Subscriber shall not use the contents of the Soccer-Invests for illegal purposes. Subscribers to be fully responsible for the process of information transmission. The subscriber must comply with local and overseas law shall not engage in illegal activities violate the laws of the respective districts, in any case lead to the subscriber shall be solely responsible for this site is not responsible for. Soccer-Invests the right to cancel the subscriber's account unethical. The subscriber may not change the subscription service. If the subscriber does not agree to any amended terms of the subscription, please do not continue to use the subscription service. Soccer-Invests will not refund the subscription fees paid. Soccer-Invests will be in writing, notify subscribers of all subscribe to news via email, traditional mail or through Soccer-Invests. Subscriber acknowledges that the content provided by Caritas Soccer-Invests not limited to text, files, music, sound files, photos, videos, graphics or advertising content restricted to subscribers on Internet, and is protected by copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual protection of property rights legislation. Subscriber downloads of intellectual property protection for the contents of a private or non-commercial use only. The subscriber must be preserved intact, without the consent of the Soccer-Invests may not be reproduced, copy, distribute or create derivative works from downloadable content. You expressly understand and agree that you use Soccer-Invests all of the risks of the investment services is at your own burden.This information, products and services are provided "as is" and "as available" basis. Soccer-Invests not guarantee the information provided, products and services will meet your requirements, or the information, products and services, its use and results will be uninterrupted, timely, correct, secure, or error free. Ben Wang designed the most efficient way for the public to provide clear, accurate and up-to-date information, and strive to provide accurate football investment promotion, but the information and in the program or there will be inadvertent mistake, and promotion of football investment is not one hundred sub-one hundred accurate. Therefore, Ben Wang declare the information contained in this website is subject to any inaccuracies, investment promotion are not allowed, omissions, errors or typographical errors and give rise to any direct or indirect loss or damage, Ben Wang takes no responsibility for, nor would not make any payment of compensation (whether in tort, contract or otherwise as well). Soccer-Invests not guarantee the results of any goods and services through or purchased or obtained through the Ben Wang. Soccer-Invests not responsible for, nor assume any and all due to any accident, error, omission, negligence, interference, the transmission or reception error, defamation, contract damage, copyright or intellectual property rights infringement and any loss caused.


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